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Bill Plympton to Star in Film Festival

Twice Oscar nominated super star independent animator Bill Plympton has joined the Burbank International Film Festival in a spectacular way. Bill Plympton will be honored

Credit: Bill Plympton

 with the Festival’s “Pioneer in Theatrical Animation Award.” Given his illustrious history of directing 56 titles and receiving two Oscar nominations this is an industry recognition that is richly deserved. But Bill himself will also be bestowing for the first time the exclusive “Bill Plympton Award for Indie Animation.” Bill will also present his “Master Class” to a group of eager animators. And he will participate in the Burbank International Film Festival’s animation panel. And if this isn’t enough September 15th will be the Los Angeles area premiere of the Alexia Anastasio documentary: “Adventures in Plymptoons.”

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Honoring A War Hero

Burbank International Film Festival to Honor Wounded Afghanistan War Veteran

BURBANK, CA.  The Burbank International Film Festival in cooperation with Flappers Comedy Club of Burbank shall honor U.S. Army soldier PFC Timothy J. Adams during its comedy film event being held August 14th, 2011 from 9:00 p.m. at the Flappers Comedy Club at First Street and Magnolia Boulevard in Burbank, California.   Timothy or T.J. as he prefers to be called was severely wounded last month by shrapnel from a rocket propelled grenade that exploded near his position.  The shrapnel sliced though his carotid artery and was certain to result in his swift death but for the amazing efforts of a helicopter team and superb emergency treatment from military medical personnel. More background on T.J. Adams may be found in a recent EXAMINER article that not only tells his story but challenges TV producers and film makers to do a better job in telling the many stories of the severe tragedies being experienced by American military families.  T.J. Adams is a local man who just a few years back played football at Burroughs High School in Burbank and who is currently recuperating from his wounds at home.

“We at the Burbank Film Festival are extremely happy to make this tribute not only to the courageous T.J, Adams but to all the men and women serving in our armed forces right now and in the past.  Their sacrifices have for centuries helped to keep our nation great and all too often they go unnoticed.  In one small way on just one day we will help change that. Said:  Adrian Iniquez, CEO of the Burbank Film Festival.

The August 14th event is the 5th in a series of 6 comedy film events leading up to the actual film festival being held in Burbank, California September 15th to the 18th.  On August 14th several comedy film makers will be screening their films all seeking recognition at the festival. On hand will be three celebrity judges.  Larry Hankin a true comedy stage and acting star with more than 140 credits including appearances on “Seinfeld,” Married with Children,” and “L.A. Law’ plus scores of film appearances is on the panel.  Also joining the panel is the stunning actress Lisa K. Wyatt known for her work in “The Suite Life on Deck” and in the hit film “Legally Blonde.”   Rounding out the celebrity judge panel is the very lovely Sierna Irwin whose work includes the “Drew Carey Show” and “The brave and the Bold.”


Ron Irwin   Tel:  310-908-0889  email:

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Sirena Irwin Celebrity Judge for Comedy Event

BURBANK, CA The Burbank International Film Festival ( is pleased to announce that television and film star Sirena Irwin  has agreed to participate as a celebrity judge for its fifth comedy event Sunday, August 14, 2011 starting at 9:00 p.m. at Flappers Comedy Club, 102 E. Magnolia Avenue, Burbank, CA 91502.  This is the final preliminary event prior to the actual film festival which is scheduled from September 15th through the 18th.  Several comedy film makers are vying for one of the three choices to move on to the final competition.  Both the audience and the celebrity judges get to choose the best three and everyone has a great time.

Sirena Irwin is a beautiful and accomplished actress with 25 television and film credits including for the Drew Carey Show as Raven and Batman:  The Brave and the Bold as Lois Lane.  For further details check:  Sirena joins another lovely star Lisa K. Wyatt and Seinfeld Show veteran Larry Hankin on the three member celebrity panel.

Media Contact

Ronald R. Irwin

Tel:  310-908-0889


Media passes for the event are available to accredited journalists.  Celebrity interviews may also be arranged in advance of the performance. 

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Green Energy Organics: Sponsor of Women’s Night

Green Energy Organics, sponsor of Women’s night for the Burbank International Film Festival is cruelty free, toxin free, and
 vegan. Green Energy is a Italian skincare company searching for the purest, most effective natural ingredients for products to create truly luxurious products specifically designed for the face, body, men, and babies.

Conceived and created by Italian designer Wilma Scarton, Green Energy draws on secret Italian beauty rituals handed down over generations. Green Energy Organics distributes products to fine retailers, select boutiques, and selected online stores. In addition, Green Energy Organics has Spa Academies treatment centers, to bring back your youthful glow with a pure Anti-Aging Mediterranean SPA.
Recognized as the pioneers and experts in Mediterranean ‘’ Skin Food’’ grape-based-formula, discover Green Energy Organics  through a specialized questionnaire to find out which of the five elements -earth, wind, fire ,water-energy- is dominant in your personality. Experience skin care made exclusively for you!  GEO only uses biodegradable ingredients, recyclable containers and packaging. Every product is carbon balanced and Vegan approved.

Visit to find the best for your skincare needs.

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Meet Adrian Iniguez

If you think there is only one way into Hollywood, take a look at Adrian Iniguez, the Executive Director of the Burbank International Film Festival. Adrian was working as an architect, and in the second year of the festival, he was asked to come on board. Running a film festival and building a house are surprisingly very similar. There are deadlines that need to be met, marketing to be done, and tight budgets. Adrian says, “It’s just taking a 2×4 and replacing it with films. I’m literally building something I have to show in 9 months.” Iniguez has always loved film, so with the skill set he already acquired from his architectural career, the transition was easy. His favorite genre is Sci-Fi, but he loves all kinds of movies, with a soft spot for independent film.

What is the biggest challenge in running a film festival? Money. It’s never easy for Adrian to accomplish exactly what he wants to since funds need to be stretched as far as they can. While Adrian still does small architectural projects on the side, he said he wouldn’t be opposed to producing a film. Adrian Iniguez is a prime example that in a small world, opportunities can be endless with the right skill set.

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Celebrity Judge Announced For 5th Comedy Event

BURBANK, CA The Burbank International Film Festival ( is pleased to announce that television and film star Lisa K. Wyatt has agreed to participate as a celebrity judge for its fifth comedy event Sunday, August 14, 2011 starting at 9:00 p.m. at Flappers Comedy Club, 102 E. Magnolia Avenue, Burbank, CA 91502.  This is the final preliminary event prior to the actual film festival which is scheduled from September 15th through the 18th.  Several comedy film makers are vying for one of the three choices to move on to the final competition.  Both the audience and the celebrity judges get to choose the best three and everyone has a great time.

Lisa K. Wyatt brings an added dash of pizzazz to the event.  She has more than 40 acting credits including for the popular television series “The Suite Life on Deck” and the smash hit movie “Legally Blonde.”  For more information on Lisa K. Wyatt please view her website at:

Media Contact

Ronald R. Irwin

Tel:  310-908-0889


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Teen Actress Kari Irwin Directs First Film

BURBANK. CA   Critically acclaimed teen actress Kari Irwin just completed her first motion picture as Director.  The film, “Open Hands” is a love triangle drama and stars Brazilian heart throb and super star Federico DeVito.  Director Kari Irwin and star Federico Devito  were participants in a New York Film Acadamy at Universal Studios, Los Angeles summer film making program.  The film is a student short and film and festival eligible.

Kari Irwin has already appeared in three films and several stage plays. She is also attached to two feature film projects set to go to camera later this year.   This was her first time directing and “…the experience was exhilarating” said Kari Irwin.  She took some time off from her current assignment as Teen Ambassador for the 2011 Burbank International Film Festival where amongst her duties she conducted several on camera interviews of top celebrities on behalf of the Burbank Film Festival.  (SEE:  Further details for Kari Irwin can be found at:

Federico DeVito is a teen heart throb, model and actor from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  He is  traveling through America this summer in search of the academic intuition he will attend to further his professional development.  More information on this international star may be found at

The New York Film Academy is one of the world’s leading educational institutions for acting and film making.   They have campuses in New York City, Universal City, CA and in key locations around the world.  They offer a wide range of quality training from short summer sessions to a Masters in Fine Arts degree programs.  Further details on New York Film Academy is available at:

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Hollywood Drive Workshop








Eve Honthaner is holding a 1 day workshop in association with the Burbank International Film Festival.

For tickets:

Read all about Eve Here






If you’re interested in “breaking in” to the entertainment industry, just starting out, in the process of transitioning or moving your career to the next level – no matter which facet of the industry you’re in or heading toward – THIS WORKSHOP IS FOR YOU!

It focuses on the REALITY of how the business works, what it takes to plan and grow a career, how to find work, survive the challenges and realize your goals. With a combination of lectures,

interactive exercises & handouts, you’ll be given the PRACTICAL tools and MOTIVATION needed to break in, move forward or make a transition.  Learn valuable tips on:

★ Navigating an industry career

★ Marketing yourself & standing out among the crowd 

★ Successfully networking and building strong industry relationships

★ Preparing an effective cover letter & resume

★ Landing meetings, acing interviews and making lasting connections

★ Surviving the tough times, industry politics & outrageous egos

★ Developing the attitude that’s going to get you noticed

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Eve Honthaner Has the Keys to Your “Hollywood Drive”

Eve Honthaner is as far from stereotypical Hollywood as you can get, yet her understanding and passion for the business is evident in speaking with her for only a few moments. Eve has worked on projects ranging from $1 million dollars to $250 million, and is able to relate to people at any stage of their film careers. The projects Eve is most proud of include her work on Titanic, and Tropic Thunder. Eve started from the bottom in the film industry, with no connections and no mentors. Her passion has become changing that for others who are searching for their niche in the film business. After working on Titanic in Baja, Mexico, Eve became the “Mexico expert,” and Fox asked her to write an operations manual for their Baja studio location. Eve Honthaner is the author of The Complete Film Production Handbook, an extensive text used in film programs at many colleges and universities that explains every aspect of film production step-by-step.

Eve is currently branding “Hollywood Drive,” which encompasses her teaching endeavors, networking events, and support groups, helping even the most experienced in the business polish their careers. Hollywood Drive is tapping into the market of people who arrive in L.A. to follow their dream career goals and think, “now what?” “While Hollywood Drive isn’t a real street, the brand represents the drive it takes to succeed in the “reel” world.” Students have the skills they need and understand their craft. What Eve aims to do is fully prepare them for what they’re walking into. Film school doesn’t prepare you for the reality of the business, and this is where Eve fills in the gap. The need for a support system, who to meet, and dealing with difficult people, resumes, networking, and career longevity are just some of the topics Honthaner touches upon in her classes and workshops. “After working all day, no matter tired I am, when I get to teach I feel like my batteries are being recharged,” Eve says of teaching, in which she kind of fell into by accident.

What is Eve’s advice for filmmakers looking for their big break through festivals? “Build a body of work, don’t stop at one,” Honthaner says that with one great film comes the desire to see more of what a filmmaker can do, “understand you’re selling yourself, this is a business built on relationships.”

Upcoming Workshop Opportunities:

  Saturday, July 16th

at: 4605 Lankershim Blvd., Suite 110 – No. Hollywood, CA 91602

10 a.m. – 5 p.m

Sunday July 24th

1 Day workshop

In Association with the Burbank International Film Festival

For more information click here

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Comedy Show Number 3


When: July 10th

Where: Flapper’s Comedy Club (at the corner of First and Magnolia)

Cost: $10

The July 10th celebrity panel includes Academy Award nominee Larry Hankin in addition to Natasha St.Clair-Johnson, who won Best Actress at the 2010 Cannes Film Festival for her role in the Australian feature film Birthday. 

Read the full article here:

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