Posted by: Ashley Ruskiewicz | September 9, 2011

A Lonely Place For Dying: Alive On the Festival Circuit

Director Justin Eugene Evans has accomplished something many dream of in a fashion that producers long for.  He produced a studio quality feature film for less than $200,000. The film was conceived from a stumbled on location. Evans was with his aunt when he found “Old Main,” an abandoned prison just outside of Santa Fe New Mexico.  Evans says, “Once I knew the space I’d bring my laptop to the prison and sketch out a scene in the actual room for that scene. Sometimes I’d write a couple pages, sometimes I only had time to outline the scene before I was rushed out by a crusty ex-prison guard who looked like a cross between a 75 year old Elvis and an angry Johnny Cash.”
It sounds like the making of A Lonely Place for Dying might be just as exciting as the film. The film was in development for about ten months, where Evans storyboarded and collected authentic materials right down to Soviet flashlights and Thai vintage cigarettes. “We did everything a medium scale studio film would do, only with far less money and far fewer people.”
For the full article click here.

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