Posted by: Ashley Ruskiewicz | July 23, 2011

Green Energy Organics: Sponsor of Women’s Night

Green Energy Organics, sponsor of Women’s night for the Burbank International Film Festival is cruelty free, toxin free, and
 vegan. Green Energy is a Italian skincare company searching for the purest, most effective natural ingredients for products to create truly luxurious products specifically designed for the face, body, men, and babies.

Conceived and created by Italian designer Wilma Scarton, Green Energy draws on secret Italian beauty rituals handed down over generations. Green Energy Organics distributes products to fine retailers, select boutiques, and selected online stores. In addition, Green Energy Organics has Spa Academies treatment centers, to bring back your youthful glow with a pure Anti-Aging Mediterranean SPA.
Recognized as the pioneers and experts in Mediterranean ‘’ Skin Food’’ grape-based-formula, discover Green Energy Organics  through a specialized questionnaire to find out which of the five elements -earth, wind, fire ,water-energy- is dominant in your personality. Experience skin care made exclusively for you!  GEO only uses biodegradable ingredients, recyclable containers and packaging. Every product is carbon balanced and Vegan approved.

Visit to find the best for your skincare needs.



  1. Can’t wait to try these products. Thank you ao much for the energy you put into your products and your Eco-sensitivity.

  2. Products sound exquisite while leaving a small footprint on our beautiful earth.

  3. My eyes are sensitive to many face care products. I look forward to checking out your natural facial products online.

  4. Checked out their website and it looks like the kind of plant based products I would like to try on myself. Hope they have samples at the festival.

  5. My husband has such sensitive skin, I cant wait for him to try these out and I especially appreciate that they are cruelty free!

  6. Their Men’s line is incredible!

  7. I have heard so many good things about this product. I can’t wait to try it. I especially like the fact that I can have a clean conscience putting this on my skin. And the fact that the company actually cares about the environment too is impressive; especially in this day and age.

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