Posted by: Ashley Ruskiewicz | July 21, 2011

Meet Adrian Iniguez

If you think there is only one way into Hollywood, take a look at Adrian Iniguez, the Executive Director of the Burbank International Film Festival. Adrian was working as an architect, and in the second year of the festival, he was asked to come on board. Running a film festival and building a house are surprisingly very similar. There are deadlines that need to be met, marketing to be done, and tight budgets. Adrian says, “It’s just taking a 2×4 and replacing it with films. I’m literally building something I have to show in 9 months.” Iniguez has always loved film, so with the skill set he already acquired from his architectural career, the transition was easy. His favorite genre is Sci-Fi, but he loves all kinds of movies, with a soft spot for independent film.

What is the biggest challenge in running a film festival? Money. It’s never easy for Adrian to accomplish exactly what he wants to since funds need to be stretched as far as they can. While Adrian still does small architectural projects on the side, he said he wouldn’t be opposed to producing a film. Adrian Iniguez is a prime example that in a small world, opportunities can be endless with the right skill set.


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