Posted by: Ashley Ruskiewicz | July 18, 2011

Teen Actress Kari Irwin Directs First Film

BURBANK. CA   Critically acclaimed teen actress Kari Irwin just completed her first motion picture as Director.  The film, “Open Hands” is a love triangle drama and stars Brazilian heart throb and super star Federico DeVito.  Director Kari Irwin and star Federico Devito  were participants in a New York Film Acadamy at Universal Studios, Los Angeles summer film making program.  The film is a student short and film and festival eligible.

Kari Irwin has already appeared in three films and several stage plays. She is also attached to two feature film projects set to go to camera later this year.   This was her first time directing and “…the experience was exhilarating” said Kari Irwin.  She took some time off from her current assignment as Teen Ambassador for the 2011 Burbank International Film Festival where amongst her duties she conducted several on camera interviews of top celebrities on behalf of the Burbank Film Festival.  (SEE:  Further details for Kari Irwin can be found at:

Federico DeVito is a teen heart throb, model and actor from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  He is  traveling through America this summer in search of the academic intuition he will attend to further his professional development.  More information on this international star may be found at

The New York Film Academy is one of the world’s leading educational institutions for acting and film making.   They have campuses in New York City, Universal City, CA and in key locations around the world.  They offer a wide range of quality training from short summer sessions to a Masters in Fine Arts degree programs.  Further details on New York Film Academy is available at:


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