Posted by: Ashley Ruskiewicz | July 9, 2011

Eve Honthaner Has the Keys to Your “Hollywood Drive”

Eve Honthaner is as far from stereotypical Hollywood as you can get, yet her understanding and passion for the business is evident in speaking with her for only a few moments. Eve has worked on projects ranging from $1 million dollars to $250 million, and is able to relate to people at any stage of their film careers. The projects Eve is most proud of include her work on Titanic, and Tropic Thunder. Eve started from the bottom in the film industry, with no connections and no mentors. Her passion has become changing that for others who are searching for their niche in the film business. After working on Titanic in Baja, Mexico, Eve became the “Mexico expert,” and Fox asked her to write an operations manual for their Baja studio location. Eve Honthaner is the author of The Complete Film Production Handbook, an extensive text used in film programs at many colleges and universities that explains every aspect of film production step-by-step.

Eve is currently branding “Hollywood Drive,” which encompasses her teaching endeavors, networking events, and support groups, helping even the most experienced in the business polish their careers. Hollywood Drive is tapping into the market of people who arrive in L.A. to follow their dream career goals and think, “now what?” “While Hollywood Drive isn’t a real street, the brand represents the drive it takes to succeed in the “reel” world.” Students have the skills they need and understand their craft. What Eve aims to do is fully prepare them for what they’re walking into. Film school doesn’t prepare you for the reality of the business, and this is where Eve fills in the gap. The need for a support system, who to meet, and dealing with difficult people, resumes, networking, and career longevity are just some of the topics Honthaner touches upon in her classes and workshops. “After working all day, no matter tired I am, when I get to teach I feel like my batteries are being recharged,” Eve says of teaching, in which she kind of fell into by accident.

What is Eve’s advice for filmmakers looking for their big break through festivals? “Build a body of work, don’t stop at one,” Honthaner says that with one great film comes the desire to see more of what a filmmaker can do, “understand you’re selling yourself, this is a business built on relationships.”

Upcoming Workshop Opportunities:

  Saturday, July 16th

at: 4605 Lankershim Blvd., Suite 110 – No. Hollywood, CA 91602

10 a.m. – 5 p.m

Sunday July 24th

1 Day workshop

In Association with the Burbank International Film Festival

For more information click here



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